Instagram had initially started as a platform for users to share photos with each other, but it has since grown to become more than just that. It has become a platform where businesses can use it to announce upcoming products or services, and in some instances, even allow users to shop on it.

In fact, to help boost its shopping platform, Instagram will now be using Facebook’s Spark AR platform which will allow users to “try” on products before buying them. This means that if you want to see what that pair of sunglasses or lipstick looks on you, you can try it on virtually before deciding whether or not to buy it.

Instagram has confirmed that the pilot program has been launched and for now, only products from Ray-Ban, Warby Parker, MAC, and NARS will be participating. We can only assume that eventually more brands will be added to the list, but for now, these are what will be available to shoppers.

Instagram and Facebook aren’t the first to use AR to give customers a chance to “try” products before buying. We’ve seen a variety of apps launched in the past that take advantage of the tech, but it could be a fun feature to try the next time you launch Instagram.

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