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This week, Luke and Karen talk with iOS developer Christian Selig about WWDC, developing, and more!

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  • New MacBook Air in, AR/VR headset out as likely WWDC22 announcements | iMore
  • Revamped iOS 16 iMessage reportedly getting new ‘social network-like functionality’ | iMore
  • Apple still won’t give iPad and Mac users this lifesaving iPhone feature | iMore
  • Even your old iPhone could get a giant lock screen refresh with iOS 16 | iMore
  • Apple’s macOS 13 could get a big update to one of its most important apps | iMore
  • Apple patent reveals Apple Watch with camera | iMore
  • Apollo | A beautiful reddit app built for power and speed
  • Amplosion | A safari extension to automatically redirect from AMP links to normal websites.
  • Christian Selig (@ChristianSelig) / Twitter


  • Capital One: Machine learning at Capital One. Capital One. What’s in your wallet?


  • Karen Freeman
  • Luke Filipowicz
  • Stephen Warwick

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