After years of growth, why is the iPhone X struggling in the marketplace? Apple reinvented the smartphone space with the first iPhone 11 years ago. Now they are reinventing it again with their new iPhone X design. If the original iPhone was such a success over the last decade, why is this new design finding the path to growth so tough?

The reason is simple. The original iPhone was brand new. Users had no existing habits yet. When it all started, AT&T Mobility was the only carrier that carried the iPhone for several years. It started with only a few hundred apps left over from the Blackberry era but grew rapidly. Eventually every wireless carrier started to carry the device.

Back then, users did not have any preconceptions. They invested their time to learn something new. Today, they have been using the iPhone for more than a decade and have become very comfortable with it. It has become part of them. Every time iOS and the next iPhone was introduced, it always worked the same so customers never felt uneasy.

Why iPhone X sales are struggling

The iPhone X is different. It is very different. It makes many users feel uncomfortable. Sure, there are many users who love the change. However, there are many more who do not. There are so many who upgraded to the new design, only to be very dissatisfied. The word spread. That’s why iPhone X is not selling as fast as Apple had hoped.

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