There’s a new Monster Hunter World: Iceborne developer diary up now, along with a new trailer, and they’re dense with new information about the coming expansion to Capcom’s biggest-ever hit. In addition to introducing new monsters (some returning favorites from past games in the series), Iceborne is taking steps to smooth out the multiplayer experience and make the matchmaking and co-op hunting process much easier to get into.

Monster Hunter World producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, executive director Kaname Fujioka, and Iceborne director Daisuke Ichihara sat down in a virtual hot springs to explain some of the new features and changes coming with the Iceborne expansion.

Iceborne is set in a brand new area called the Hoarfrost Reach, and there’s a new home base called Seliana and a gathering hub in the region. In Iceborne, that gathering hub where players join up to prepare for quests will have access to everything found in the tradeyard in the base game – which means there’s no need to travel in and out of the instance to use the Botanical Research Center or blacksmith.

You’ll also be able to create squad cards, which you can use to create a group template. These can also be sent as invitations, and players will be able to take a look at the information on squad card invites they receive in order to pick expeditions and groups they want to join.

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