If you have been following the world news, you might have heard that there are protests going on in Hong Kong at the moment, where some of the residents of Hong Kong are protesting a controversial extradition bill by China. As with protests, there are conflicts with the police, and there are now reports of how protestors are using lasers to try and beat the facial recognition cameras that have been put into place.

According to the reports, it seems that in a bid to annoy police and to disrupt facial recognition cameras, protestors have been taking lasers and bright lights and shining them into cameras. As it stands, a lot of the protestors have taken to wearing masks to cover their faces. Some have even gone as far as to cover the branding on their shoes to prevent further identification, where they are hoping that these tactics will help keep them anonymous.

It seems that these are tactics that have also been employed by police, where some of them are also pointing high-powered light beams at the television crews and photographers to try and prevent them from capturing videos and photos of the protests. This would not be the first time we’re hearing about people trying to fight public facial recognition cameras.

However, we have seen some creative solutions on how to prevent such cameras from tracking you.

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