Honda is partnering with Riot Games to become the exclusive automotive sponsor of the League of Legends Championship Series. It’s a move that expands Honda’s interest in esports and in League specifically, and Honda hopes it helps increase its reach with a young, up and coming market.

Honda has already has an established partnership with the reigning LCS champions, Team Liquid, and the company said its new sponsorship of the LCS makes it the “first automaker in North America to sponsor both an esports league and an esports team competing in it.”

As reports, Honda’s sponsorship of the LCS begins today in the Summer Split Playoffs in Los Angeles. It’ll include featuring Team Liquid players during tournament advertising, and sponsorship of the league’s MVP award and the LCS Scouting Grounds.

“We understand the passion of esports fans and how strongly they support the gaming community, and Honda is fully vested in creating one-of-a-kind, unforgettable experiences for gamers as we launch the next phase of Honda’s endeavor in esports and gaming,” said Phil Hruska, media strategy manager for American Honda.

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