Infinity Ward has been keeping a tight lid on Modern Warfare multiplayer since officially revealing the game in May, but it seems that we’re getting a closer look very soon. A number of streamers are set to showcase a new mode, and these reveals will give us our first look at the new Call of Duty’s take on traditional multiplayer – all as we count the days to the Modern Warfare release date.

Syndicate, CourageJD, TeePee, and LEGIQN will all be streaming a new 2v2 mode called Gunfight, as Infinity Ward has just announced. Those streams are set for July 11 10:00 PDT / 13:00 EDT / 18:00 BST, and will include portions of the Gunfight mode as well as other, currently unspecific announcements.

The developers showed a couple of multiplayer screenshots back at E3 – along with the Juggernaut suit – but that’s been all we’ve seen of the mode up to this point. Early Modern Warfare details focused on the single-player campaign, and we’ve gotten some very enticing details on the Spec Ops co-op mode that will form the game’s third major pillar.

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