Destiny 2’s long-awaited Beyond Light expansion is due for arrival November 10, and it’ll be a sizable download when the content becomes available. Fortunately, Bungie has arranged for us all to pre-load the update ahead of time. Here’s when you’ll be able to start that process on PC.

There are a couple things to bear in mind ahead of time. First, Beyond Light will mark the beginning of Destiny 2’s ‘vaulted content’ process, which means that a significant chunk of the multiplayer game’s existing content is going into cold storage when the expansion arrives. Bungie has said that’s to make sure Destiny 2’s install footprint stays reasonable, but you’re still going to need to have some space set aside if you want to pre-load.

Specifically, you’re going to want a total of 186.2 GB of space to devote to Destiny 2. That’s the total amount, mind you: the existing install size of up to 116.5 GB plus the 69.7 GB update. Once the update is installed, that total figure will shrink back down a bit.

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