The launch of the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion is just a couple of weeks away, but not everything is set to launch right on the Shadowbringers release date. You’ll have to wait a bit for the raid, Square Enix has announced when to expect the post-launch content alongside a new developer live stream.

Patch 5.01, which includes the normal-difficulty version of the Eden raid, will launch on July 16. On July 30, we’ll get patch 5.05 and the savage difficulty Eden raid. The latter patch will also include the Lyhe Ghiahl treasure hunt dungeon, and the launch of the Allagan tomestone of Phantasmagoria currency.

Eden features designs from director Tetsuya Nomura of Kingdom Hearts and latter-day Final Fantasy fame, but it’s not the only raid content with a touch from a Square Enix celebrity designer. We’re also getting a Nier: Automata raid with design input from Yoko Taro, so prepare for equal measures of confusion and emotion.

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