Here’s what BioShock looks like in Unreal Engine 5

A talented developer has remade the original BioShock in Unreal Engine 5 and released a three-minute-long trailer to showcase their efforts – complete with combat, a whale, dialogue, an underwater Big Daddy fight, and several cats for some reason.

Creator noodlespagoodle previously did a video of what BioShock would look like in Unreal Engine 4 back in 2014, and while other developers did more direct recreations of areas in the game they opted for an original area that recreated the feel of BioShock instead. Now noodlespagoodle has done something similar in Unreal Engine 5 (thanks DSOGaming).

The short demo uses the original textures from BioShock to keep faithful to the game, but the developer has created an original scenario in a new part of Rapture. It looks, feels, and plays like a better-looking remake of BioShock, complete with a lot of identifiable features such as the Gatherer’s Garden vending machine, weapons, audio logs, UI, a crazed Splicer, a Little Sister, and even a Big Daddy in an underwater fight – but there are some obvious differences too.

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