Are they tempted to switch or satisfied with what they have?

What you need to know

  • Android users are reacting to the iPhone 11 Pro.
  • Some users say they’re not going to switch.
  • They argue that Android has had many of the iPhone 11 Pro’s features for months.

The iPhone 11 Pro has launched and is now in the hands of millions of users, and so far people are loving the new device. But what do Android users think of Apple’s latest flagship? Are they tempted by the triple-camera system? Or is the iPhone 11 Pro just playing catchup?

For the most part, Android users aren’t particularly impressed by the iPhone 11 Pro’s hardware. Some of today’s top Android devices, including the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10, appear to offer better hardware features, like expandable storage and bilateral charging.

Based on these reactions, Android users don’t seem too tempted to switch to the iPhone. Even if not everyone is tempted, Apple’s new iPhone lineup is proved to be incredibly popular thus far.

Not only did early preorders push back shipment times in to October, but people lined up across the world for the new devices. Orders are even being delayed seemingly due to higher than anticipated demand.

There will be an Android vs. Apple debate until the end of time. At least right now, it doesn’t sound like many Android users are tempted by Apple’s latest and greatest.

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