Season 3 of The Division 2 is about to get underway, and we now know exactly when to expect it. Title Update 11, which updates the game and kicks off the new season, will start with a server shutdown at 00:30 PDT / 3:30 EDT / 8:30 BST September 22 and take about three hours. On PC, you’ll have a 7.7GB patch to download.

The biggest new addition coming to The Division 2 in Season 3 is the new PvE mode, The Summit. This is a 100-story skyscraper that you’ll have to clear floor by floor, killing a boss on every tenth floor. You’ll be running into all of the MMO game’s factions on your way up, and on floors 81-100, you’ll be up against the White Tusk, who sound like even more of a problem than the heavily armed Black Tusk we’ve been seeing since the conclusion of the campaign.

A new season also means the start of a new Manhunt, and this time your target is Bardon Schaeffer. He’s one of the last remaining leaders of the Black Tusk, and the Division would like to have a bit of a chat with him about his efforts to destabilise the SHD network.

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