While the bigger part of today’s Overwatch 2 news focused on PvE, there are still plenty of competitive multiplayer updates coming, too. The biggest of those is Push, which will the first “core” game mode added since Overwatch launched, available in quick play, ranked, and even Overwatch League competition.

Push has both teams competing for control of a very exuberant robot – “Who is ready to push? I am!” – which will move when you stand next to it. In either direction on its path, the bot will run into a large block that it will push into your enemy’s territory – or your own, if the other team has their way. You score points the further you get your block, and get total victory if you manage to push it all the way to the end. (Blizzard says that its internal games usually end before the block makes it to either end.)

Getting the block to various checkpoints will unlock forward spawns, and the bot moves much faster when it’s not pushing the block. That means team fights will constantly happen in different areas of the map, which should help keep this new mode feeling dynamic.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/overwatch-2/push-mode