Genshin Impact has some lovely towns and villages, and now you can add one of them to your collection in The Sims 4. A player has made the free game’s Springvale village freely available, so you can insert your sims into a homemade anime game.

Made by The Sims 4 creator pamcat, the wee township is composed of four houses circling a windmill, all laying on some tranquil flatland, surrounded by meadows and trees as far as the eye can see. The architecture is spot on to the historical fantasy design of Teyvat, a gentle blend of wood and stone, buildings complemented by light fencing, with a clear blue pond in front of the windmill.

Although it looks like, and functionally is, a neighbourhood, it’s actually just a 64×64 lot with multiple buildings. Just as in Genshin Impact, the area is great for picking up mushrooms, and you can visit the Seelies in their respective houses. The homes can be lived in, and have some basic amenities, but be wary of crowding since they’re quite small.

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