There might be a new Xbox console out this week, but Microsoft’s big next-gen innovation has been here for a long time, and it’s available on PC in addition to your living room box. Yet more Game Pass games are coming to PC in November, including one of the biggest classics in the world of RPG games, an improved version of GOTY 2018, Halo, and plenty more.

On November 10, Game Pass PC will get Tetris Effect: Connected, an upgraded version of the best game of 2018. (Look, just because this is news doesn’t mean I can’t tell you how good Tetris Effect is.) The new version of this gorgeous reinvention of Tetris adds new cooperative and competitive online multiplayer modes.

On November 12, we’re getting Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. Don’t get confused – FF8 has not yet gotten the full remake treatment. Instead, this is a lightly-updated version of the PlayStation original, built to run at higher resolutions. It also includes a load of quality-of-life improvements, including game speed boosts, random encounter toggles, and battle assists.

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