As much as Command & Conquer matters for its contributions to the development of the real-time strategy genre, I’m going to make the controversial claim that its best part is that rippin’ CD audio soundtrack. The folks behind the C&C Remastered know it, too – that’s why original composer Frank Klepacki is back on board, and we’ve now got an idea of what to expect from all those tracks in the upcoming collection.

Command & Conquer: Remastered will feature every track in both C&C and Red Alert in a multitude of version. On Reddit, producer Jim Vessella it will include “the classic low fidelity versions (without voices), the original soundtrack versions now remastered (with voices), and then of course the Remastered versions of all classic tracks.”

The soundtrack will total over 10 hours of music spread across 175 individual tracks, and there’ll even be a jukebox feature to let you listen to it all – complete with support for custom playlists and quick search filters to comb through all that music.

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