Developer Digital Extremes has revealed what to expect from the latest Warframe to join the roster, offering up details on Gauss in the latest devstream. Formerly known by the codename Running Man, Gauss’s abilities do indeed focus on quickly sprinting around the map, and he should be coming right alongside Grendel.

Gauss’s first ability is Mach Rush, which gives you a quick warp forward on tap, and lets you run at extreme speeds – even over water – when you hold it down. If you run into an object or enemy at speed, you’ll deal a wave a damage on impact. His second ability is Kinetic Plating, which drains from a gauge to protect against physical, cold, and heat damage while granting you energy – and it causes an extra slash on a Mach Rush impact.

The third ability – which we didn’t get a name for – lets you tap for a cold area-of-effect attack, or hold for a heat AoE. If you hit an enemy with both, you’ll get an additional blast proc, and you can get a bonus freeze effect if you use cold twice, or extra damage over time for using heat twice.

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