Grab these items to give your kart an edge.

One of the signature elements of Mario Kart games is items that can either boost or protect your kart or be used to mess with your opponents. That’s also the case in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, an AR game that allows you to use your Nintendo Switch to navigate cars around your home.

While the game doesn’t release until October 16, these are the items in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit that have already been revealed. While not all of the effects are known, we expect them to be pretty similar to what you’d find in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, so we’ve listed those here. We’ll be updating this list once the game releases so be sure to preorder your copy now and check back here for updates.

All items in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Image Name Description
Banana Causes karts that hit it to spin out and protects the kart from items.
Blooper Sprays ink at all karts in an area, reducing their visibility.
Bob-omb Once thrown or dropped, it will explode after a short time and knock over any kart in its blast radius.
Boomerang Flower Players will get three attacks that will hit all karts in its path.
Bullet Bill Transforms your kart into Bullet Bill to let you blast through the course without steering.
Chain Chomp Pulls the kart forward while smashing into other karts in its path.
Coin Gives the player a small boost and two bonus coins.
Golden Mushroom Boost your kart’s speed for a short time.
Lightning Bolt Shrinks and slows your opponents’ karts and causes them to drop their items.
Mushroom Speeds up your kart.
Red Shell Stops the closest kart in front of you.
Spiny Shell Knocks over all karts between you and the racer in first place.
Star Gives you a speed boost and immunity to all terrain and items.
Triple Banana Surrounds your kart with bananas that protect you from attacks.
Triple Mushroom Orbits your kart and provides three speed boosts.

All items in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Players can have two items at a time so look out as you race around to grab the best items in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit to take you to first place. Check back here after the game releases for updates.

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Using a Nintendo Switch and a remote control car that features either Mario or Luigi, players can race around a physical space while viewing the track and other opponents via the Switch screen.

Luigi time!

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

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Little bro gets a go

Take to the track with Mario’s little brother, Luigi. Having two of these karts allows for multiplayer fun and will be a fun indoor activity.

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