The Tokyo Games Show is underway this weekend, and there’s new footage on display from The Outer Worlds, Obsidian’s upcoming Wild West-flavored spacefaring RPG. The build is for the TGS audience, which means the UI is in Japanese, but it does give you a sense of some moment-to-moment gameplay and character dialogue thanks to the English voiceover.

This appears to be footage from very early on in the game, as we see the first couple level-ups, from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3. The character sheet looks Spartan but thematically consistent with The Outer Worlds’ American frontier aesthetic – it’s kind of a mix of Fallout, Deadwood, and Buck Rogers, by my reckoning – maybe with a dash of Borderlands thrown in for flavor.

The video shows off a couple combat encounters, which look fairly similar to combat from the modern Fallout titles. That certainly makes sense, since Obsidian developed Fallout New Vegas back in the day. Footage begins with the player character joining an assault to get back on board a landed space vessel, fighting off a couple marauders. We then head to a nearby town, meet a few characters, and head off on a mission.

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