The latest major update for Hell Let Loose has added a new D-Day map to the WW2 shooter. Now players can storm or defend Utah Beach, the site near France’s Cherbourg harbour that established a foothold on the Cotentin Peninsula during the Allies’ Normandy invasion in 1944.

It’s a moody-feeling map, slightly overcast with a touch of pre-dawn fog still clinging to the fields above the beach. German barricades and obstacles litter the beach, while above are abandoned French farm cottages and outbuildings.

The update also adds two light tanks: The Allies have the speedy American Stuart, while the Axis side gets the “Luchs” variant of the Panzerkampfwagen II. Both are meant as anti-infantry flanking vehicles.

Another addition in the Utah Beach update is resource nodes. Engineer players can capture and build improvements on these nodes in order to generate resources for their teams. And it’ll be important for them to do so, because Black Matter has cut back starting resources from 1,000 to 500, putting more emphasis on players to seek out and find resources on their own.

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