One of the best card games on PC is about to get bigger, again. The Scholomance Academy expansion for Hearthstone release date is August 6, Blizzard has announced. The Harry Potter-inspired expansion is adding 135 new cards to the game, with 40 of those being new dual class cards.

The Scholomance Academy is a well-trod dungeon from classic World of Warcraft – it’s a school for necromancers, kind of an evil Hogwarts, as we explained in our Scholomance gameplay preview. But it’s not the way you’ll remember from the MMORPG – Hearthstone’s vision of the Scholomance Academy is how the school would have been when it was in its prime, long before the ravaged ruins from World of Warcraft.

Between now and the launch, you’ll have a chance at another sneak peek at Scholomance Academy. Blizzard is holding a card reveal livestream July 29 at 18:00 BST / 13:00 EDT / 10:00 PDT, featuring YouTuber Kripp and Hearthstone developer Alec Dawson. You’ll be able to catch that live over on the official Hearthstone YouTube channel.

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