A brand new trailer for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite shows off gameplay and shows up personalize avatar for your in-game Ministry ID!

The hyped behin Niantic’s —developers behind Pokémon GO — new AR location-based mobile game Harry Potter:Wizards Unite is growing strong! With the official release date, but a ton of speculation that it’s coming very soon, a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming game has hit YouTube as an unlisted video according to Wizard Unite World.

The trailer features much of the same gameplay we have seen in the beta version available in Australia and New Zealand right now, but one thing sticks out as new. The trailer features players taken selfies and creating a personalized avatar photo for the in-game Ministry ID.

The photo editor appears to be inside the game, and will even allow players to add filters that apply funny hats and glasses (which look a lot like a certain famous Wizard’s glasses) to your face in order to make the best avatar you can. It appears this avatar will then be fixed to your Ministry ID — AKA your player profile — in the game.

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Original source: https://www.imore.com/harry-potter-wizards-unite-trailer-shows-avatar-creation-ministry-id