It’s been a long time coming, but finally the first public beta test of the Halo Master Chief Collection – specifically the Halo Reach campaign mission ‘Tip of the Spear’ – launched this weekend, giving PC Halo fans their first opportunity to play the game. However, the first test is being kept “very small” in scope, so not many players were invited.

Players who missed out on the first beta test are already anticipating the second public ‘flighting’ test for Halo Reach, and the game’s team have now provided the first few details on when the second test is going to happen. Crucially, it will be more expansive than the first – and most likely will be based on Reach’s popular Firefight mode.

In the latest development update for the game, Community Support & Engagement Coordinator Tyler ‘Postums’ Davis explains how the team are moving forward on the next beta test. They will “evaluate and prioritize the feedback” from the current flight before they can tell us when it’s actually going to happen, but Davis confirms that the team will “expand the invite list” – so the next test will be bigger.

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