Halo Infinite finally made its gameplay debut earlier this year, and the response was less than enthusiastic. Since then, the Xbox Series X has launched, Halo Infinite has been delayed, and most of what we’ve heard has been about high-profile shifts in the development team. We are set to get more info on Halo Infinite soon – but don’t expect that to happen at The Game Awards.

“We don’t have anything planned for the VGAs”, 343 community director Brian Jarrard says on Reddit (via Windows Central), “but are hoping to offer at least a high level update within the next few weeks so we can kind of restart this journey together after the holidays. Pulling together something like a demo or big beat for the VGAs is an enormous amount of work and would cause challenges with current milestones of the holidays.”

For now, the team is “heads down working through nearly every facet of the game”, and plans to “make the most of this extra time and we want to make sure we can put our best foot forward and commit to greater transparency and dialog on the road ahead”.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/halo-infinite/game-awards