The Halo Infinite release date will see the expansive Halo title launch on a pretty wide variety of platforms, including Xbox Series X, PC, and the now-venerable Xbox One. Today’s Halo Infinite gameplay demo was part of a show dedicated to highlighting Xbox Series X games, but it wasn’t technically running on the next-gen console – instead, it was presented on a PC with similar specs.

“The game was captured from a PC that is representative of the experience that players will have on Xbox Series X”, a 343 dev tells press during a Q&A session. Demoing a PC version of an in-development game in lieu of a console version is not uncommon, especially for titles in development on as-yet-unreleased hardware platforms.

The mission we see in the demo footage comes from a point “roughly halfway” through the game. The Pilot, who was introduced in last year’s E3 trailer, serves as a foil for chief throughout the game. 343 says he’s “the most human character we’ve ever created in the franchise”.

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