The Rotten Mushroom is hiding in the Ground.

So, you’ve heard that the Poison Mushroom that debuted in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is back in Super Mario Maker 2 and you’re desperate to dupe your friends into consuming the deadly little fungi. However, you’ve searched the item dials and can’t find the blighter anywhere. Yep, it’s hiding but not far away, so this’ll be a quick one…

Where are the Poison Mushrooms in Super Mario Maker 2?

If you wish to unleash this fungus on your unsuspecting victims, it’s only available in the standard Ground theme (in any other theme it’ll transform into a 1-Up Mushroom, which will have the opposite than intended effect). It also only appears on the purple Items dial at nighttime, so you’ll have to turn day to night in your level before you can access it.

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