It’s the spooky season, and for our money, GTFO is one of the spookiest games out there right now. It’s still in early access, but next week it’ll see the arrival of its fourth rundown – meaning a new set of levels, challenges, and horrifyingly disfigured monsters to skulk past.

Rundown 004, titled Contact, is set in a new environment called the Datacenter. Developer 10 Chambers hasn’t provided many details about it yet, but from the one screenshot included in the announcement, it looks like a System Shock-style server bank, reminiscent of the ‘MOTHER’ control room aboard the Nostromo in Alien. The Datacenter is reportedly home to a “new, creepy enemy”, as though the enemies in GTFO weren’t creepy enough already.

We’ll also have access to new weapons and tools, and 10 Chambers says it’s got some surprises up its sleeve as well. All in all, the developer says, it’s the biggest update the horror game has seen to date – and it’s arriving October 22. That means you have seven days left to complete Rundown 003.

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