GTA Online has a new bonus activity as of today, and GTA Online players have already mapped out what you need to do to complete it. You’ll now find hidden treasure chests as you’re prepping for the Cayo Perico Heist – these are daily collectables that’ll offer you a quick payout in GTA$.

You’ll find the new treasure chests during the scope-out mission ahead of the heist. (Check out our guide to the GTA Cayo Perico Heist missions for details on that objective.) The caches are found scattered around the map, and you’ll know when you’re near one as you hear a little jingling bell sound. You can find two caches per day: one on land, and one underwater.

Each chest will net you $15,000 – not a massive bonus, but a decent little boost whenever you’re running the heist. Luckily for the more impatient among us, dataminers have already started to uncover the chest locations, so you don’t even have to work very hard for it.

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