While Google might be known for many different products and services these days, like Android, YouTube, Gmail, and so on, what made the company so popular and is still widely used today would be its search engine. It has evolved over the years to become even better and smarter than before.

Now it seems that Google wants to take its search engine and maybe apply it to patient records that could be used by health providers. This is according to a report from The Wall Street Journal who reported that Google is working on something called Project Nightingale. This would see Google apply its search and AI to analyze patient records for Ascension.

This means that healthcare providers under Ascension would be able to search for patient records and get an overview page about their patients. This would include information such as medical issues, test results, medications, and so on. It could also potentially lead to being able to predict and make recommendations, such as “What are opportunities to intervene?”, or “What are the risks of future outcomes?”, and so on.

While we do see the potential usefulness of such a tool, apparently Ascension’s employees have raised some concerns regarding privacy internally, although how exactly this will be handled remains to be seen. Google has yet to comment on the report, although with their recent $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit, it is obvious that the company is definitely interested in the health industry.

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