Google has clarified various aspects of its upcoming Stadia game streaming service in a Reddit AMA. In it, director of product Andrey Doronichev answered questions about the service’s controller, achievement system, Stadia Pro, and more.

However, perhaps the most important takeaway from Doronichev is the reiteration of what Stadia isn’t. In an apt comparison, he says Stadia Pro is less like “Netflix for Games”, and closer to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold. The aim of the platform will be to enable you to play pre-purchased games, not throw down a subscription for unlimited access.

It’s a diversion from Microsoft’s xCloud, which has been directly compared to Netflix by its CEO. Much like the current Xbox Live, though, Doronichev says Stadia Pro will offer users access to exclusive discounts and free games each month. More accurately, Google is planning around one free title per month, which is less generous than Xbox’s three or four.

Stadia Pro is priced similarly to Xbox Live Gold’s monthly subscription, at $9.99 a month. It trails behind when considering Microsoft’s 12-month plan works out at $5 a month. Of course, you’re arguably getting a lot more with Stadia, as you have access to the company’s extensive data center hardware.

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