What you need to know

  • Google Photos has launched Real Tone filters for iPhone, iPad, web, and Android users.
  • Real Tone filters are designed to preserve skin tones during editing.
  • The Real Tone filters feature was previously only available to those using Google Pixel Android phones.

A number of Real Tone filters are now available for people to use in the Google Photos app.

Google Photos is now rolling its Real Tone filters out to users of iPhones, iPads, and the web. Those who are using an Android device can also take advantage of the new feature.

Real Tone filters are designed to help people add filters to their photos while ensuring that skin tones appear as accurately as possible, something that standard filters often struggle with. The feature has already been available for Pixel phone users for some time, but it’s now available to everyone via the Google Photos.

The new Real Tone filters in Google Photos are starting to roll out today on Android, iOS, and web. These filters were designed by professional image makers to work well across skin tones, so you can choose the filter that reflects your style.

Real Tone filters include “Playa,” “Honey,” “Isla” and “Desert” right now and it seems probable that we can expect more to be added in due course.

Those who already have Google Photos installed should be good to go now so long as they have the latest version of the app installed via the App Store. Everyone else will need to download the app afresh now — it’s free, and these Real Tone filters arguably make it one of the best iPhone apps not only for organizing and saving photos but also editing them, too.

Original source: https://www.imore.com/google-photos-real-tone-filters-are-rolling-out-iphone-ipad-now