Somehow, despite the success of Pacific Rim and the continued march of Godzilla films on both sides of the Pacific, the kaiju boom has not really stomped its way into videogames – no, it’s more like tentative rubber footfalls here. One of the indie games trying to turn things around is Dawn of the Monsters, and the devs have picked up a load of support from their new publisher: WayForward.

Dawn of the Monsters is a co-op brawler in the vein of Streets of Rage or Final Fight, in which up to four players control giant monsters on a path to prevent other giant monsters from destroying Earth. The developers at 13AM Games haven’t shown much just yet, but the single pre-alpha gameplay video has a striking visual style, and it looks like there’s a pretty slick combat system underneath the visuals, too.

You’ll find Dawn of the Monsters on PC in “late 2021” – as well as on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch. The devs say we’re getting more info at “a later date”.

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