Can you remember the days when 8GB of RAM was enough to meet those recommended requirements, if not a little overkill? Us neither, as the specifications needed just to play each new game forever climbs higher. But nowadays, new sticks aren’t just about increasing your memory, they’re also for making your gaming PC look damn good to boot.

Many of you are likely considering making the leap to 16GB of memory to make sure you’re ready for the Cyberpunk 2077 release date, but facing facts, by the time the game breaks free of its many delays, 32GB will be the new standard. All right, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but ‘future-proofing’ your system certainly couldn’t hurt, especially during a sale.

Corsair is a company known for its Vengeance series of memory, and right now you can get 32GB of its RGB-clad DDR4 RAM for a fraction of the price. Over on Amazon US, you can save 25% ($57) on four 8GB sticks at 3600MHz, costing you just $167.99. Amazon UK has trimmed back two 16GB sticks by 11% (£15), netting you 3200MHz speeds for £125.

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