Ghost Recon Breakpoint is out now, and the reviews have already started trickling in – slower than you might expect for such a major game as the sequel to Ghost Recon Wildlands. This is probably due to it being such a massive online game – there’s certainly a lot to see.

Nevertheless, the first reviews are in – and things are not looking good for Breakpoint or Ubisoft. While there are only a handful of reviews from major outlets available right now, none of them are particularly positive. Kicking off, of course, with our own – it’s only a review in progress so far, but writer Gina Lees notes, “Breakpoint feels underwhelming as a solo experience despite offering a world loaded with potential. Playing with friends improve things significantly (when does it not?) but vapid characters and cringey dialogue don’t help the game to endear itself.” Ouch.

The highest rating right now is either three and a half stars out of five or six out of ten – a shockingly low number, and those are the reviewers that actually somewhat liked the game. Particular criticism was given to the game’s microtransactions, and how – as PushSquare puts it – Breakpoint is “the most Ubisoft game that Ubisoft has ever Ubisoft’d.”

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