You can buy a whole lot of things with real money in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and while that’s par for the course in modern games, reports from the game’s earliest players suggested the monetisation was beyond the pale. For many players, that might still be the case – but some of Breakpoint’s most egregious purchase options have apparently gone missing.

While Breakpoint isn’t officially out until October 4, early access for Ultimate Edition owners began today – or last night, with the release times in many regions. That’s when Reddit user Blinkk8704 posted a massive gallery of all the purchase options available in the game’s real-money store. Sure enough, you can purchase packs of skill points for a few dollars at a time.

But you might not actually find those skill point purchases when you log into Breakpoint for yourself. Kotaku’s explainer on the game’s store specifically notes that there aren’t any skill points in the store – and at this point, it’s not clear where the discrepancy is. Ubisoft might’ve removed those purchases from the store. Or it might be different between regions – the Reddit gallery shows currency from Singapore.

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