Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a modern Ubisoft title, which means almost by default means it’s set in an expansive open world. Yet as we learned when we went hands-on with the campaign at a recent preview event, even the open-world elements off the main mission path often have the crafted feel of good, linear mission design – and that’s a result of the team’s dedication to a singular progression system.

“The single connection between solo, co-op, and PvP is a very important tool for us,” executive producer Nouredine Abboud says. “The way you value the experience you have in the game is always linked to the feeling of going forward. You can go forward in the story. You can go forward in your relationship with characters.”

All of that feeds back into the progression of your character, “This is a very good way to create a link between all those things. For instance, even the time you spend off of the main path, you’re going to develop your character. It’s going to give you a sense of freedom. That’s kind of the technique we’re using.”

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