Maybe your Apple Watch came with one of the unique, fluoroelastomer bands with pin-and-tuck closure and you’re looking to get some more. Perhaps your Apple Watch came with a different band, and you’ve had your eye on a sport band (or several) ever since. The thing is, the real Apple bands are $49 a pop. While they’re certainly worth it, there are also several excellent alternatives you can try for much, much less.

Best for most

AdMaster Sport Band

Staff Favorite

AdMaster’s silicone band looks and behaves much like the official Apple band. The band is made of soft silicone and comes in a wide variety of colors such as red, black, midnight blue, ocean blue, pink sand, purple, and pink.

$6 at Amazon

High quality

Clockwork Synergy Silicone Strap

We love our well-crafted Clockwork Synergy bands. While the buckle of this comfortable silicon band doesn’t function like your standard Apple Watch sport band, Clockwork Synergy gives you the option to choose your metal hardware: stainless steel, brushed steel, yellow gold, rose gold, or PVD black.

$24 at Clockwork Synergy


ViTech Silicone Sport Band

If you’re looking for a durable and comfortable Apple Watch Sport band replacement, then consider taking a peek at the ViTech Silicone Sport Band. This two-pin watch band is made from smooth silicone and comes in an extensive set of colors including antique white, black, midnight blue, rose red, and vintage rose.

$7 at Amazon

Brick and mortar

NEXT Sport Band

This band from NEXT plenty of colors and is ready for any size Apple Watch. The band looks a lot like Apple’s band, but with some key differences, like flatter ends. If you’d like a brick and mortar store option, you can find this at your local Best Buy.

$8 at Best Buy


W4W Sport Band

W4W’s band comes in a set of colors reminiscent of Apple’s own band. Choose from black, white, midnight blue, OD green, rose pink, and stone gray. Save money by buying a three-pack.

$8 at Amazon


VATI Sport Band

This band from VATI offers color options outside of what you might be used to finding on Apple Watch sport bands. The band comes in more standard colors like black, midnight blue, and sand pink, but also more vibrant, offbeat options like bright yellow, wine red, new pink, and marine green. You can also save money with three-packs and six-packs.

From $8 at Amazon


Misker Sport Band

Misker’s sport band comes in a wide range of vibrant colors such as royal blue, purple, wine red (a color the hue of which no one seems able to agree), bright blue, and lilac. Some versions of the band are available in a configuration of two fastening pins, while others have a single pin.

From $6 at Amazon


iDon Sport Band

iDon’s silicone sport band, like Misker’s, is available in both one and two-pin configurations. It also seems to come in every color under the sun, from standards like black, white, and red, to apricot, lime green, and fog gray.

From $6 at Amazon


YOUKEX Silicone Sport Band

The YOUKEX Silicone Sport Band has color options that are sure to match your personal style, from the subdued gray of the concrete band to the vibrant flower yellow option. The soft silicone makes it ideal for working out with.

From $6 at Amazon

Fashion forward

Sunfei Sport Band

Sunfei’s sport band gets points for style thanks to its fairly unique racing stripe-style look. The primary exterior side of it comes in black, red, silver, or turquoise, with a stripe of red, blue, gray, hot pink, green, or orange running down the middle of the strap.

$6 at Amazon

Bulk buy

iGK Sport Band

iGK’s two-pin sport band is offered in colors like black, midnight blue, red wine, and white. It’s also available in one of three optional packs of three watch bands: a black/gray/white configuration, a black/wine red/white selection, and a midnight blue/wine red/white pack.

From $6 at Amazon

Nike style

Muzzai Sport Band

Compatible with any Apple Watch, this inexpensive sport band from Muzzai is modeled after Apple’s Nike Sport Band. The many holes not only give this two-toned band a fun look, but they also offer ventilation for your watery and sweaty workouts. Choose from eight different color combinations or save even more with a three-pack or five-pack.

From $5 at Amazon


inozama Sport Band

The inozama Sport Band is a colorful and fashion-forward band that comes in a variety of different eye-catching colors and patterns. It can be adjusted to fit a wide range of wrist sizes.

$11 at Amazon


BicasLove Sport Band

The gorgeous colors available on this two-pin BicasLove band, including Barbie pink, mint green, rose red, and midnight blue, are all great ways to give your Apple Watch a more personal touch.

From $8 at Amazon


SWEES Sport Band

While the Apple Watch Sport Band is a uniform width all the way around, this beauty tapers away from the watch face for a slimmer and more delicate look. There are plenty of color options, and the price is right.

$7 at Amazon

Slim and patterned

Sunnywoo Sport Band

Straying even farther from the precise Apple Sport Band model, this one tapers away from the watch face and sports over a dozen different pretty, colorful, and whimsical patterns.

$8 at Amazon

Find the perfect silicone band for you and your Apple Watch

All of these are excellent sport bands for your Apple Watch, and you can get them without shelling out the $50 for a first-party band from Apple. Any would be a great addition to a band collection, but we’ve got our eye on the AdMaster Sport Band. It’s affordable, simple, and comes in some great colors.

If you’re looking for an alternative silicone band as opposed to just a copy of Apple’s, the Clockwork Synergy Silicone Strap is what you need. It’s a high-quality band for less than half the price of the Apple Sport Band. We own several Clockwork Synergy’s excellent bands, and the combination of price and quality can’t be beaten.

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