One of the new features coming to Gears of War in Gears 5 is Escape, the multiplayer mode pitting you and your pals against a level full of angry Hive as deadly gas fills in the rooms, pushing you forward. The game will ship with a map editor for Escape, allowing players to create their own levels with a simple but extensive toolbox.

The Coalition published a video this week providing some high-level details on how the Escape Map Builder works. Being that Gears 5 is a tentpole Xbox title, the map editor is designed to work on consoles. That means there’s no fiddling with custom meshes or designing new assets; instead, you’ll use prefab room tiles which snap together, a bit like SnapMap from 2016’s Doom.

Despite the simple approach, Gears 5’s Map Builder appears to give players significant design power when putting together their Escape maps. There are lots of rooms to choose from, for one thing, and it allows you to place enemies and weapon pickups wherever you like. You can also determine the speed at which the deadly venom travels through the level, which will go a long way in setting the mood for any particular Escape outing.

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