Gears 5, being a Gears of War game, is big and brash and full of explosions. But it’s also full of some of the best options for deaf and hard-of-hearing players in the triple-A space. One site dedicated to reviewing games’ accessibility options has given Gears 5 its first perfect score for a game from a major publisher.

Can I Play That evaluates games’ accessibility options from the perspective of players with disabilities, looking at whether and how well games accommodate players with mobility issues, deafness, and hardness of hearing. Gears 5, reviewed for the site by editor in chief Courtney Craven, is the first triple-A game to really knock it out of the park when it comes to deaf/hard-of-hearing players.

“What they got right is everything,” he writes. “There’s not a single thing I can see needs improving in terms of Gears 5’s Deaf/hoh accessibility.”
A lot of that is down to the quality of Gears 5’s subtitling. Naturally, all character dialogue is subtitled, but Gears 5 doesn’t stop there. The game indicates where someone is speaking from if they’re off-screen – so for instance, it will indicate when Kait is speaking to you over the radio.

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