Are we finally ready for an all-USB-C world? How many USB-A vs USB-C cables to you have lying around your house?

A friend of mine recently asked if I had an extra microUSB cable, to which I thought, “I’ve got so many microUSB cables I could build a rope bridge with them.” But when I went into my box of cables, I found myself having to dig to the bottom because most of the cables on top, the ones that came with my latest gadgets, are all USB-C. More and more, accessory makers are building USB-C compatibility into devices, replacing USB-A and microUSB, which makes me think that it may just be about time for Apple to switch to USB-C for the iPhone.

For the past few years, we’ve been hearing tech bloggers and analysts shouting from the mountaintops that Apple needs to put USB-C on the iPhone. That it’s long overdue and even somewhat hypocritical that you can’t even connect your new MacBook to your iPhone without an adapter (not included). What I’ve been responding with is that it’s not quite time to switch to USB-C because, while some of us are USB-C centric, a lot of iPhone owners are still using computers, chargers, and peripherals that aren’t compatible with USB-C. It’s less disruptive for you and I to get one USB-C adapter to connect our iPhone to our Mac than it is for less tech-savvy people like my mom to figure out how to plug a USB-C iPhone into a PC or nightstand charger that is still USB-A or Lightning. It’ll be a big change to switch to USB-C for a lot of people, and could be very confusing for some.

After digging through my box, however, and seeing more USB-C cables than Lightning or microUSB, I can see the future a little more clearly. As PC and tech accessory makers move toward USB-C more and more, the iPhone switch will be a little easier on the billion pockets that might not have ever even heard of USB-C before.

I don’t think the iPhone 11 (or iPhone XI or whatever Apple calls the 2019 iPhone) will support USB-C, but I do think 2020 will usher in the change. By this time next year, I think the world will be better positioned to accept the iPhone switch to USB-C with less disruption and I’m pretty sure Apple is already figuring out how to fit the larger port into the same size iPhone chassis.

What are your thoughts? Are you of the USB-C camp or are you still on the side of Lightning? Do me a favor … go look in your box of cables and let me know which type you have more of.

Have a great week!

Lory Gil

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