Hypercharge: Unboxed is a game all about toys coming alive and attacking each other, which we can only assume is a cunning ruse to traumatise children. And no one can say they don’t have it coming.

This is also – coincidentally, we’re sure – a pretty good premise for a shooter, enabling lots of colourful characters to blow each other up while prompting you, the player, to reflect on the callous way we treat the smaller creatures with which we share our domiciles by forcing you to navigate an average house from the perspective of a teeny tiny toy.

The game is taking shape in Steam Early Access now. At its core it’s a wave-based co-op shooter, but as of last month developer Digital Cybercherries has added a PvP mode. And if you thought the timing couldn’t get any better, this week sees ‘The Plague’, a Halloween-themed game mode which is basically Infection (aka Zombie) mode from Halo. Players who start with the plague must infect everyone else, which is tough as everyone else has guns. To help them out, infected players get extra speed and wallhacks showing the whereabouts of each living player.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/hypercharge-unboxed/giveaway-halloween