Party Animals is pretty much Gang Beasts – a physics-focused multiplayer brawler where you awkwardly wail on your friends until you can knock them off of the stage. Except this time, it’s adorable animals doing the punching. That sounds like a recipe for success, and so far the numbers have borne it out, as the free demo for Party Animals has reached some absurd heights on Steam.

The Party Animals demo reached a concurrent player count peak of 60,825 earlier today, as SteamDB shows. That’s around the daily peak for venerable free PC games like Path of Exile, the current megahit Phasmophobia, and the long-standing success story of Rust. That’s an absurd number for a demo to put up, and far beyond the game’s previous limited-time demo release back in June, which reached a peak of just under 8k.

Party Animals has been substantially buoyed by a number of Twitch streamers, including big names like Lirik and xQc. The 60k peak hit when many streamers were broadcasting the game, and the numbers have dipped back down to a much more reasonable level of about 6k – which is still pretty massive for an indie party game you probably hadn’t heard of until this week.

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