The latest Fortnite patch is here, and while it’s a pretty small one, update 14.30 does make some notable changes, including sizable combat shotgun buffs. If you’re holding out for the return of Fortnitemares, sorry – that’s not part of this update, but Epic has confirmed that the Halloween event will return this year.

“Galactus’ growing presence is scrambling the loot machines,” Epic says in an email message to Fortnite content creators. “Combat shotguns are now more effective at all ranges! Give us your feedback and be on the lookout for new super-powers rotating into the mix.” Sadly, Fortnite still isn’t offering full patch notes, but the community has worked out some of the new damage numbers for the combat shotgun.

The combat shotgun now has a base damage ratings of 57/60/63 across the blue, purple, and gold variants. That’s up from the previous damage values of 50/53/55, so the new blue is better than the old gold – a sizable improvement. We’re still not back to the terrifying days of the old season nine combat shotgun, though, where it was rated for 73/77/80.

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