The inevitable, annual release of everyone’s favourite football plus spreadsheet simulator was announced a little over a month ago, and publisher Sega has now confirmed the actual release date. It’s just over a month away, but if you’re interested in buying early, you can also get access to a beta ahead of launch.

Football Manager 2020 will launch for PC – on both Windows and Mac machines – on November 19. You’ll be able to pick up the game through Steam, or at retail with a new type of eco-friendly packaging. Mobile versions on iOS and Android will launch the same day. While FM20 is coming to both Google Stadia and Switch, those versions will come some time after this release.

As detailed in the previous announcement, pre-orders of Football Manager 2020 will get you access to a beta. That’ll come two weeks ahead of launch, according to today’s press release, so roughly November 5. Career progress in the beta will carry over into the full game, too.

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