Football Manager is already one of the most granular sims out there, and Sports Interactive has announced some new additions coming with Football Manager 2020 that are going to make it even more true to life.

Sports Interactive has done some expected quality-of-life type improvements, and player models and pitches have all had a round of graphical polish or, when necessary, a re-do. That’s the kind of stuff you expect in an annual release.

More interesting, though, is the new “Club Vision” mechanic. SI says this is about developing a “culture” for your organisation, and you’ll be rewarded or docked based on how well your team fits into that identity. This is essentially a new way to rank teams, and it takes into account a lot more factors than simple wins and losses.

The basic idea here is that the Club Vision is a long-term goal to work towards over multiple seasons, so it’s providing a new way to plan and play Football Manager, which I think is pretty neat.

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