Turning Super Mario Bros. into a battle royale turns out to be a legally problematic exercise, but that may not be the case so much for Flappy Bird. Yes, Flappy Bird is now a battle royale too, and you can play it right in your browser.

Remember Flappy Bird? It was the unlikely overnight sensation that challenged you to guide a shocked-looking bird through a series of pipes, surviving as long as you could without colliding with anything. Well, now there’s a battle royale version, and it’s called – wait for it – Flappy Royale.

Flappy Royale does pretty much exactly what you’d expect it to do: You’re playing Flappy Bird, but against 99 other players, and the winner is the bird who lasts the longest. It was created by programmer Orta Therox and experimental game designer Em Lazer Walker, who have added in a ton of customization options for your bird, such as ghost outfits and top hats.

All you really have to do is click (or tap, if you’re playing on mobile). Each time you click, you flap and gain a little altitude, and quickly begin falling again. Remember? Just like Flappy Bird.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/flappy-bird-battle-royale