Final Fantasy XV, which launched on PC nearly a year and a half after it first appeared on consoles, has now sold at least a million copies on Steam, making it the second most popular entry in the Final Fantasy series on that platform.

Twisted Voxel reports that SteamSpy’s latest numbers put Final Fantasy XV at between one and two million users on Valve’s storefront, based on SteamSpy’s method of estimating users based on achievement data. As Twisted Voxel notes, it comes in second to Final Fantasy VII on Steam, but only if you don’t count Final Fantasy XIV, which has a free trial.

Final Fantasy XV director Hajima Tabata said last year that his team hoped the Windows version of their game would sell at least two million copies, and they may well have achieved that goal by now, since SteamSpy’s numbers obviously don’t include copies sold through the Microsoft Store. However, the physical edition sold by Square Enix activated on Steam, and it’s probably fair to assume the majority of PC sales were through Valve’s storefront.

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