Final Fantasy XIV’s 5.05 patch notes are here, and as expected, the biggest addition is the Savage-tier version of the Eden raid. But there’s plenty more here, including a set of long-awaited buffs and reworks focusing most notably on three jobs in particular: Astrologian, Samurai, and Monk.

Astrologian benefits the most from the changes, and that’s likely for the best – the popular healer class got a major rework in 5.0 that made it a whole lot less useful. Cast times are getting reduced across a wide array of abilities, potency is getting upped for many of its healing spells, and Sleeve Draw gets a rework that should make it easier to manage.

Samurai gets instant cast times across many abilities, as well as a somewhat more potent Shoha, a longer Meditate, and shorter recast time on Meikyo Shisui. Most notably, the job is getting Hagakure once again, which means you’re going to have a big reason to rethink and rebuild your rotations.

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