Final Fantasy XIV’s latest update is here, and while the 5.11 patch is primarily focused on a new ultimate difficulty raid and and the new crafting content for the Ishgard Restoration, the true star of the release is the new mount. The patch notes are pretty light on balance changes, so don’t expect any big updates for your class of choice – this is all about the new content.

While the full patch notes on the official site merely say ‘new mounts have been added,’ the image of that new rideable companion speaks volumes. Dataminers found out about this guy a bit early – apparently it’s Ufiti, and available as part of the Ishgard Restoration for 8,400 Skybuilders’ Scrips. It’s a gorilla that carries you around in its hand, and that alone is just about enough to get me to re-up my FF14 sub and level into the current content.

The Ishgard Restoration itself is a set of crafter and gatherer-focused content where players work together to contribute to the restoration of the Firmament. That DoH classes will need to gather materials while DoL classes will have to craft supplies. Restoration happens independently on each world, but you’ll see construction grow as more players contribute.

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