Final Fantasy VII Remake on Epic accidentally suggests a Steam release

A Final Fantasy VII Remake Steam release seems to have been all but confirmed thanks to the recently released Epic Games Store version, ironically enough. Modders digging into the remake’s files on Epic have found reference to a Steam release – and have even found its app number, suggesting the page is ready to go.

The release of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PC has been long-awaited and heavily rumoured, so many were relieved to see it finally get announced at The Game Awards earlier this month – for a surprise release last Thursday as an Epic Games Store exclusive, much like fellow Square Enix RPG Kingdom Hearts III.

However, it’s not been a smooth release. Aside from the incredibly tough PC hardware requirements, the remake is lacking many graphical options and suffers from major performance issues – which prompted fans to start poking around in the game’s files. Alongside the weird detail that the build on Epic is still marked as an early debug version, modders also found reference to a Steam release.

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